What information do I need to build your model?

Ideally we would have:
  • A PDF or paper copy of the plans - All our models get checked to the approved construction plans.
  • A CAD base file with applicable references – It’s rare for plans these days to include enough information to fully layout a site. We’ll use the design files to create clean, usable field linework. Be sure to ask for applicable references. For instance, often a building footprint will be referenced into a base file from another drawing.
  • An existing ground surface. This is not always available and can often be worked around. But, if we have an existing ground surface we can match existing at slope tops/toes and sawcuts.

What format should the CAD files be in?

  • We’ll take drawing files in any format (dwg, dgn, dxf, etc.). It’s rare that we are unable to convert a file to the format we’ll use and design engineers are more open to releasing their files if they don’t have to do a lot of work to them first.
  • LandXML is usually best for transferring the existing ground surface and any other civil design entities (surfaces, alignments, points) that the design engineer is willing to release.

How do I get the files to you?

  • Check out our File Upload page. Email, Dropbox, and other file transfer mechanisms also work.

How much will my model cost and how long will it take?

  • It depends on the project. My process in the office mirrors yours in the field. The larger the job, the larger the model.
  • Give us a call, email, or use our File Upload page to request a quote and timeframe.

What if I want my model customized with specific colors, items, etc.

  • We specialize in customizing. Give us a call, email, or use our File Upload page to communicate the specifics and we’ll incorporate them into our process.

What if we have a change order and need to update the model.

  • No problem. We make model revisions for jobs that are in progress a priority. Revisions are charged by the hour. We’re happy to provide an estimate to help with your budgeting.

What if there is a problem with the model.

  • We have a rigorous quality control process in order to prevent mistakes but we are human, and occasionally, we make mistakes. If you find a discrepancy in our model, DO NOT BUILD IT. Please CALL US RIGHT AWAY. We’ll do our checks, and if needed, make corrections ASAP.